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In the middle of any work there is the Man

Europisol is a temporary employment agency dedicated to industrials segment, that makes available to its clients manpower qualified in thermal insulation, special coatings, scaffoldings, industrial painting, passive fireproofing, industrial assembly and maintenance, and electricity.

Due to their wide experience in this activity, 2 entrepreneurs created the europisol society in 2008, to aim to be a benefit for the clients, on the one hand, because they wanted to be a trustworthy, dynamic, rigorous and proactive partner, and for the staff member, on the other hand, because they can count on a serious, solid and professional structure.

Europisol differentiates by its logistics all over Europe and Africa, being able to second till 150 qualified professionals, but distinguishes by its deep experience in industrial activities but above all by prizing human being safety and health.

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