Company Policy


Europisol is a serious and trustworthy partner, with competence and experience, with a management culture based on its deep values that define the priorities of the enterprise:

- Satisfaction of the needs and expectations of its staff members and clients,

- Professionalism,

- Health, safety and environment protection.

Europisol high management compromises (to be compromise with) to all its members and to all who collaborates with the enterprise, to ensure safety, environment and hygiene conditions, in all working aspects, in all installations and construction sites.

Our hygiene, safety and well-being service in work is settled in Portugal, and its QSE correspondents are presents in each working places by user companies, so each intervention can be identified and analysed, which can guarantee to fulfil our politics successfully.

In order to reach efficiency in our prevention system, the high managers compromises to fulfil:

- The legislatives, regulatives and normatives aspects about hygiene, safety, and health, working conditions and environment;

- The general principles of prevention;

- The requirements, safety conditions and our clients HSSE codes;

- The requirements of the different standards (VCA, VCU, OHSAS 18001 e ISO 9001);

- Fight against alcohol and drugs consumption in working place;

- Management of staff training (and qualifications), according to tasks performed;

- Rights and duties of the staff on SSE prevention;

- The expected safety conditions with user companies;

- Prevention measures adopted after identifying and analysing risks.

Besides, high managers believe that health and safety in working place can only be reached by the effort of all staff members. We develop constantly a spirit of safety.

This way, the high managers compromise:

- To prevent risks of having physical injuries and professional diseases,

- To apply its politics of safety, health and environment and to offer equal services to all establishments,

- To grant that our workers know the existing risks before each work, all the methods to apply, all the conditions imposed (agreements in safety rules with users companies), the tools to use and the correct use of the individual protection equipment (trainings, informations and awarnesses);

- To promote employee participation, asking rigor an professionalism in return (by giving SSE informations);

- To place all the informations that chiefs need to implement the politics and prevention programs;

- To value the risks, to analyse situations, dangerous actions or other kind of accidents.

The high managers count on all the members to fulfil actions to improve efficiency of our politics of safety, health and environment.


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